bollowood dance class sharjah uaeThe term “Bollywood” refers to the Hindi culture, art, and film industry from Bombay. It is a mixture of numerous styles. These styles include belly-dancing, kathak , Indian folk, Western popular, and “modern”, jazz, and even Western erotic dancing. The Evolution of Bollywood Dance is a process that is entirely Indian and yet cross-cultural at the same time. Bollywood dance is easy on the eye. Its Dramatic facial expressions and cinematic glamour is such , any viewer can follow the story.
In Victory , Bollywood dancing provides a happy and fun version of traditional Indian dance. We incorporate various styles of dance, touching on everyone personal style . Whether you’re a seasoned dancer, never danced before, older, younger, or from other opposite ends of the world, you’re sure to find fun in Bollywood dance class.

Bollywood dance class sharjah uae