Founder Victory Dance Studio Sharjah

Dance is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy. The term DANCE for me is a gateway to happiness. This belief always filled a passion in me to spread smile in form of DANCE and here I presents to you Victory Dance Studio’. I Jwalin Jolly , residing in UAE from last 3 years . Though my journey with Dance started since childhood but as a professional instructor, I worked in Many Schools and institutions in India and Dubai. My working pattern demands high end choreography in different style forms with focussed approach over techniques, style and expressions. My Collaboration with Tanaaz and Bakhtiyar Dance classes of known Bollywood celebrities landed me in UAE. I also worked with ABCD Dance classes & Strikers Dance classes as a senior instructor. During my rendezvous with the students here I taught, I trolled over their will to remain fit, while learning dance styles and getting entertained too. Victory Dance Studio Sharjah emerged from the idea of giving everyone, a will, a passion, a dance style, fitness , smile and entertainment too. So, what to wait for, be a part of our victory team, discover yourself, and take out the fire out of you and burn the floor with a smile on your face .

Sonia Punjabi

Founder Victory Dance Studio Sharjah

Once I read somewhere “There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them”. Living up to reality of this thought, my persona strikes on belief of acquiring happiness through art of dancing though being established as a non-dancer by profession. Introducing myself as Sonia Punjabi, MBA by qualification, have been exploring life, values in UAE for 16 years and going on. My race of achieving an acute perfection to balance personal and professional life leads to stress, unfitness, monotony and other ill effects, which is trapping not only me but also people around me. So, here comes an idea to look different, be uncertain and still succeed while camouflaging dancing with living. An idea to make people dance being victorious, try to come out of their struggles and be more beautiful and more powerful. Come and be part of our world of VICTORY DANCE STUDIO Sharjah, where you can paint your dream and follow it. So stop saying “I wish and start saying ‘I will and make your dreams come true.

Pinky Patel

Co-Founder of Victory Dance UAE

“Dance is an art, paint your dreams and follow it” .Dance has always been my passion. I started my career as a Dance Instructor in Victory Dance. Went through many challenges to achieve the title of best instructor at Victory Dance. I’m in UAE since 2 years .As a name people started recognizing me when I got selected in Dance + 3 UAE Challenge and was among top 10 contestants. Victory Dance gave me a path for my career where I got chance to show my talent as performer and choreographer. I’m specialized in Bollywood dance, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, basic belly dance and many more. My hard work, dedication, patience and knowledge gave a twist to my career where I got chance to become a Co-Founder of Victory Dance. Thanks to dance, I have never stop saying “I CANT DO THAT” and started saying “I WILL BE ABLE TO DO IT”. This determination helped me in my career growth. So be a part of Victory team to say with me “I WILL DO IT” and dance to your own rhythm.